Thursday 24 January / 01:00h
Costanilla de los Angeles 20


General: 12€ w/ a drink
Students: 10€ w/ a drink until 2:30

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Thursdays will be Thursdays. They sit somewhere in the middle of the relief of a Wednesday and the laziness of a Friday. Where do dancers wander to on these forgotten nights in Madrid?
From now on, they will all meet to redefine Thursday nights at berlinClub. We&lsquoll transform those Thursdays forgotten between Wednesdays and Fridays with guitar riffs and lipstick, House and Italo, Disco and Electronic, microphones and a circular dance floor.

Every Thursday of the month at berlinClub.

Resident at an endless list of Madrid’s clubs (Mondo Disko, Coppelia, Rubble!, Crash, Wonky, Sport…), owner of Rotten City Records, and part of projects like D.Y.O.R. and Holographic Planes.

Breaking out of any single style limitation, Álvaro combines genres to create his own discourse, as a good follower of the ALFOS school (Sir Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnston) where eclecticism and slow beats are concerned. His sets drink from fountains like New Wave, Balearic, Post Punk, and EBM, seasoned with the hedonism of House and the abstraction of Techno, and touching on the exotic sounds of the Middle East, the rhythmic inheritance of Africa, or the weirdest side of Italo-disco from the early 80s.

Javi Redondo started DJing in the 90s in his hometown of Cordoba in the south of Spain before moving to Madrid, where he still resides today. There he crafted a career that would later help evolve and define Spain’s electronic music scene, making him one of the most significant characters in the Spanish scene today. This trajectory has also allowed him to showcase his eclecticism and musical background with appearances all over Europe in clubs like Fabric in London, Rex in Paris and the fabled Panorama Bar in Berlin.

Javi’s rise began in Madrid’s iconic club Sport where he spent five years as resident DJ and was also responsible for the club’s programming. It was in this 200 person capacity club and its solid sound system that he proved himself a resourceful DJ with a very wide vision. Here he developed his own genre defying personal style, distinct in his ability to successfully mix down beat rarities with a mixture of different sounds and genres ranging from disco and techno to post-punk and everything in between.