Thursday 14 March / 01:00h
Costanilla de los Angeles 20


General: 14€ w/ a drink
Students: 12€ w/ a drink until 2:00 (ID Required)

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Thursdays will be Thursdays. They sit somewhere in the middle of the relief of a Wednesday and the laziness of a Friday. Where do dancers wander to on these forgotten nights in Madrid?

From now on, they will all meet to redefine Thursday nights at berlinClub. We will transform those Thursdays forgotten between Wednesdays and Fridays with guitar riffs and lipstick, House and Italo, Disco and Electronic, microphones and a circular dance floor.

Born in Chile but raised in the UK since infancy, Shanti Celeste had her first contact with electronic music at age 15 in the legendary raves of Lake District. After finishing highschool, Celeste moved to Bristol to study illustration at the University of West England. There she met Chris Farrell, manager of DJ label Idle Hands, where Celeste starts working part-time. Later, Celete and Farrell launched the BRSTL label, on which Shanti published her debut “Your Lovin’ (Baby)” in 2013. During her time in Bristol, she began organizing her own club night, “Homework”, in which she served as resident DJ and host to some of the most renowned DJs in the scene. Her work as a DJ and producer did not go unnoticed, being nominated Best DJ Newcomer in the 2015 edition of the DJ Awards. That same year, she moved again, this time to Berlin, where she created her own label: Peach Discs.

Since then, her importance on the DJ scene has only continued to grow. Her DJ sets, sticking close to the emotive sides of House music while steeped in classic sounds, let her British origins show with touches of 2step and Garage that have been so praised on the island.

2017 was her huge year to date, with presence in world-renowned clubs like Panorama Bar and Corsica Studios, and festivals including Meadows and Dekmantel, where she recorded the second of her two acclaimed Boiler Room sets.