Thursday 20 June / 01:00h
Costanilla de los Angeles 20


General: 12€ w/ a drink
Students: 10€ w/ a drink until 2:30

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Thursdays will be Thursdays. They sit somewhere in the middle of the relief of a Wednesday and the laziness of a Friday. Where do dancers wander to on these forgotten nights in Madrid?
From now on, they will all meet to redefine Thursday nights at berlinClub. We will transform those Thursdays forgotten between Wednesdays and Fridays with guitar riffs and lipstick, House and Italo, Disco and Electronic, microphones and a circular dance floor.

Every Thursday of the month at berlinClub.

*Student discount at door: Entry + 1 drink / 10€ until 2:00. ID required.

The chameleonic producer, with the privilege of being independent from the usual constraints of the music industry, has been penning fusions of ‘80s pop, dark basslines, and unhinged house beats since the mid-noughties - combinations that are by his standards ‘non-formulaic’, first donned his Cabaret Nocturne cloak in 2013.

Since launching the project, he has released music on a respectable label list including My Favorite Robot, Beachcoma, Nein, Factor City, Rotten City, Roam, Disque Discos, Join Our Club and many more.

Identified as a producer of the electronic slo-mo scene with his personal style incorporating dark disco elements and cyborgian croons, he has got press recognition with some important reviews like DJ Magazine, Mixmag, Tsugi as well as support of many reputable radio stations like KCRW (US) or NTS (UK). About that, his Blind Trust track - slow punk masterpiece which has had over 3 million views on Youtube - made Cabaret Nocturne a household name.