Friday 13 September / 01:00h
Costanilla de los Angeles 20



Before: 12€ w/ a drink (before 2:00)

At door:

14€ w/ a drink (before 2:30)
16€+ una copa (después 2:30)

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Born of many chance encounters in the Madrid nightlife, sharing long lines to get into clubs, beer in hand, to see the DJ on duty; night sharing kilometers of dancefloor sweating it out until the end in spite of working the next day. But not everything was a party, there were also afternoons listening to albums and enriching each other and packing our cases full of new gems. From these encounters grew the desire to join together and share our passion for music from the decks to the dancefloors.

Our main foundations are House, Funk, Disco, although we refuse to settle on any one thing. Restless souls that we are, each of us brings are particular vision of dance music without limitations to each session.