Thursday 10 October / 01:00h
Costanilla de los Angeles 20



Before: 10€ w/ drink til 2:30

At door:

General: 12€ w/ a drink
Students: 10€+ una copa (hasta 2:30)

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SWITCH at berlinClub

Thursdays will be Thursdays. They sit somewhere in the middle of the relief of a Wednesday and the laziness of a Friday. Where do dancers wander to on these forgotten nights in Madrid?
From now on, they will all meet to redefine Thursday nights at berlinClub. Well transform those Thursdays forgotten between Wednesdays and Fridays with guitar riffs and lipstick, House and Italo, Disco and Electronic, microphones and a circular dance floor.

*Student discount at the door: 10€ before 2:30 w/ student ID.

Since 1996, Tonico Settanta has been present in the Black Music culture in his resident city of Salerno.
Selecta Funk, Beatmaker in the Funky Pushertz collective and part of the duo Gold School with Morfuco. Founder member of the independent label Dint Recordz.
Collector of Soul, Funk, Reggae, Hip Hop and Disco, he DJs exclusively on vinyl, mainly 7”. In May of 2016, Radio New York invited him to NYC for Meridian 23.
As a producer and rapper, he’s collaborated with many artists, including Francesco di Bella, Speaker Cenzou, Ganja Farm, Enzo Gragnaniello, Sangue Mostro, Krikka reggae, Erbapipa Posse, Paranza Vibes, Patto mc, DCP, Tropa Delite, Doom eres un Favor, Stik B, Ramtzu Peste mc, Vico Masuccio and many others.