Monday 31 December / 01:00h
Costanilla de los Angeles 20


Advance:30€ w/ 2 drinks (Direct entry guaranteed till 3:00am*)
At the door:35€ w/ 2 drinks

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We can only conceive of one way to celebrate the arrival of another year: dancing among friends. And for the occasion, our brand new collective, berlinClub Sound System, will take the reins.

Among the things that has characterized berlinClub since its beginnings is the importance given to the resident DJs, creating a tight personal and professional relationship. In a scene that usually gives absolute priority to fame and big names, this club has continued to dedicate time and space to the family of residents that define the musical style and atmosphere of faithful dancers, both warming up for special guests but also taking the reins of all-night sessions.

As part of the need and desire to carry this essence beyond the walls of the club, berlinClub Sound System was born: an umbrella that groups together different members of this ever-growing family, depending on the needs of the occasion.

Resident DJ at berlinClub, responsible for the monthly Papaia Club party and co-producer of the venue’s DJ sessions, Gaspar has been with berlinClub since its beginnings at the former location en Calle Jacometrezo. Music teacher, booker, label manager and, above all, DJ, Antuña’s sets are characterized by their broad range of sounds, with groove as their unfailing north. His sets lean toward genres like Disco, House, Soul, and Electronic Club Music, but are always full of surprises from his expansive musical background.

Juan Falibene shares music in the search for complicity on the dance floor, for the joy of listening to and enjoying the sounds that make him move and feel. Naturally, he finds those sounds in the depths of Soul, and the authenticity and freshness of Funk and Disco. With these influences, he connects with House music, pulling out samples and original melodies in smooth and relaxed mixes of the subgenre Deep House.